A collection of pendants, single or stacking rings, set in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. Each piece showcases a single solitaire 4mm round AAA faceted gemstone. Amethyst, iolite, pink tourmaline, white sapphire and blue topaz. Inspired by Christie Grace's daughter, Ashley K's love of gemstones and a simple aesthetic.  Available in size 6 or 6.5.
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A collection of spiritually inspired pieces to bless you and the planet.

Welcome to our 'Island Goddess' collection, an homage to Bowen Island, where Christie has found solace for 28 years. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to showcase unique designs that embrace the healing energy of high-frequency gemstones, adorned with star and rutilated quartz motifs, and graced by natural baroque pearls – known as 'the queen of gems' and 'the stone of sincerity.' The inclusion of ocean elements, like Bowen driftwood, adds a touch of the island's essence.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these creations are imbued with the genuine beauty and spiritual essence of Bowen Island:  "The Rock".  Each 'one of a kind' creation is carefully woven together with love and intention. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of natural beauty and heartfelt craftsmanship that defines the 'Island Goddess' collection.

A collection of old fashioned, hippie/ earthy pieces utilizing a wide range of gemstones from all over the world. Christie Grace has collected old trade beads, turquoise etc for 30 years, so some of these necklaces have 'vintage' beads in them. May the wearer of these pieces draw upon the stones universal healing energies and the love they were created with.

These sterling silver heart creations are a classic CG design are a symbol to remember to lead with your heart.



An original sterling silver and gold collection of musical pendants, earrings and bracelets that feature freshwater white and grey pearls.

Let Your Happy Free and I Believe in You integrate Christie Grace’s original lyrics from two joyous songs from her album, Golden Thread. Now celebrating it's 5th Anniversary.

Let Your Happy Free was written to uplift a friend's spirits when they were in a deep struggle. The mantra Let Your Happy Free is to hold true to the knowledge that we can choose to reframe and transcend any negative mindset. And be free and happy. 

The mantra I Believe In You is to hold true to the knowledge that you are eternally loved and cherished.  Written originally for her daughter, this spiral of truth is for ALL daughters. "No matter what you do I believe in You! "

-Examples of special custom jewelry Christie Grace has created for clients.

-Assorted semi- precious and precious gemstones from all over the world
Create something magical with these assorted semi - precious and precious singular gems. Or use in energy work for therapeutic healing.