About Christie Grace

Christie Grace is a vibrant, multi-talented, professional jeweler with over thirty years’ experience. She is a graduate from the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles, California. (GIA). Christie is also an accomplished jazz singer, recording artist, certified life & health coach and a devoted mother. Grateful for her abundant creative life she has intentionally used her art to express her passion for life and nature. Her love infused jewelry and music is her avenue to spread joy, happiness, healing and beauty.

Christie Grace Designs combines ancient (hammering, rolling, soldering, forging, stamping) and contemporary techniques (modern CAD waxes and laser processes) learned from several European Goldsmiths Christie was fortunate to apprentice with. Some or all of these techniques are combined with semi and precious stones in noble metals that include sterling, 14k, 18k, 19k gold and platinum.

A native of Thunder Bay, ON. Christie moved west in her 20’s and has enjoyed the solitude of the beloved Bowen community for over 22 years. Christie’s jewelry journey began as a young child, inspired by her regal grandmother, Grace McCullough’s exquisite jewelry collection created from rare gems collected from her world travels. In the 60’s stylish songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Rita Coolidge became her muse with their cool sterling jewelry modelled on album covers. Christie’s mother Kay McCullough, a well-known visual artist and art teacher enrolled her in art camps and retreats in Southern ON where she blossomed which led her into jewelry classes where she began to create ‘art wear’ with natural gem-stones and noble metals. This satiated her desire to have her organic gem-pieces worn as personal artifacts, sacred objects and sentimental family treasures.

She continued to explore her craft attending workshops in NY, Taos and San Francisco that were showcased at The Vancouver and Victoria Art Galleries, Craft House Gallery, Circle Craft Gallery and numerous boutique shops and stores across BC, Canada and Southern California.

 In 2000, Christie manifested her lifelong dream with her own gallery, Christie Grace Studio: Silver, Gold & Songsmith. For thirteen wonderful and successful years her fresh, up- scale innovative designs attracted local, national and international clients that kept coming back for more. Along with ET Canada! Devoted clients continue to appreciate Christie’s tasteful, custom designs along with her soulful original music and concerts.

Since closing her studio in 2013 Christie now thoroughly enjoys free-lancing from her home studio on Bowen and welcomes inquiries for special commissions by appointment.