Custom Design & Co-Creation!

Each custom made piece at Christie Grace Designs becomes a special partnership of co- creation between Christie Grace and you, the client. Depending on the complexity of the project it can take approx. 4- 6 weeks.

It begins with a 1 hr. consultation in Christie’s home studio, on the phone, on FaceTime, Google Chat or Skype. This initial session provides essential information about the clients vision, their unique style, personality, lifestyle and budget.

All these elements are carefully taken into consideration to create a design that uniquely reflects and represents the client. Photographs and hand rendered drawings and or computer generated designs are used to finalize the direction and ideas. This is transferred to a wax to confirm the size, and style of the piece. The wax also gives the client a chance to visualize the project for any final adjustments before it is committed to the desired metal of choice.

When Christie and the client are both happy, the inspiration becomes a reality and the process is complete!